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Bad news--good news.
Longtime Hill Woman customers will notice that the price on several things have been raised. There really wasn't any choice; it was raise prices or go out of business. Herb and oil prices have gone through the roof--and keep rising--as have the costs of packaging and bottles, the shipping I pay to get and to mail stuff, the cost to maintain an 800 number, and to process credit cards. Hill Woman was not started as a means to get rich, and is not run that way now; I'm trying to make a living, not a killing. These revised prices reflect a desire to offer quality goods at a reasonable price--and still be around next year, and the year after.
But it's not all bad news. In light of the price changes that have been made, I want to try to ease the blow a bit by offering free shipping on all orders over $30.00 until Solstice, December 21--an offer I also make in the wintry depths of February.

Incense burnerHill Woman's Own Incense

This is a real favorite with my customers.
Standard unscented incense sticks or blanks (11" overall, 7"  burnable) are impregnated with either a single essential oil  (as with Lavender)  or one of my own blends.

Theroma, Sanctuary and Lavender are aromatherapy blends made  with only pure essential oils.

The stick-ends are dyed to color-code the scents, but the sticks are not dyed so you aren't burning dye when you burn your incense. These are traditional wood-dust sticks, not charcoal sticks.

Hill Woman Incense is made in small batches, and by hand, so crazy big orders can--and do-- wipe us out!
Because of that we have to limit orders to a maximum of 5 bundles per scent.   
They come in a bundle of 12 sticks for $3.60, and in the following scents:

NEW!  Green Lady sweet, earthy floral
Gypsy  ( violet)-uplifting citrus floral
Lavender  (blue) - sweetly soothing 
Rendezvous  (red) - is now extinct and  no longer available  
Sanctuary (orange) peacefully grounding 
Spice Box (green) - spicy floral 
Woods Scent (brown) - earth and forest
Theroma (black) - neutralizes strange scents and vibes
An Assortment is a dozen sticks with at least one of each scent.

Incense Information: We do not dilute our incense oils with DPG or other chemical carriers.
The stick base is wood powder, and the same binders used in charcoal incense. Gypsy incense contains a small amount of synthetic oil, though less than the perfume blend because there is no musk. The rest of my incense blends are 100% pure essential oils now that Rendezvous has been reformulated.

Yes, after more than 20 years we were finally been forced to raise the price of our incense. But this is the same high quality incense as ever, Hill Woman blends hand applied and the stick ends dyed by the long-suffering Computer and Incense Troll. No fancy (and expensive) packaging, just what many of our customers say is their favorite incense, period.

A note: there are some folks out there trying to grab customers for themselves by claiming that there are animal byproducts in wood-based  incense sticks. This is a blatant self-serving lie. Our wholesale supplier went to China and made incense blanks himself in the factory which supplies the ones we use. As ever, they are a wood sliver, sawdust, and the same binder (typically gum arabic) used in the production of charcoal based-sticks. Which we tested with certain long-time incense customers, and weren't as popular. Sue-Ryn has a bit to say about all this. Want to see what it is? Click Incense Gossip to read more.

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