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"Let us wage a glorious struggle against illiteracy, poverty and terrorism. Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are the most powerful weapons."
---Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Taliban assassination attempt and gave an amazing speech at the U.N. on her 16th birth

"We must be careful that the people who make $5000 a year are not pitted against those who make $25,000 a year by those who make $900,000 a year."
Barbara Milkulski,  in a speech, 1974

"The freedom of man,  I contend, is the freedom to eat." Eleanor Roosevelt

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Updated Monday, March 31, 2014
Easy access to show listings in Northern and central NY, along with the
occasional article by Sue-Ryn: The Metaphysical Times


CalliieMarch has been . . . interesting.
The weather has, in short, sucked. Cold, snow, more cold, more snow, the last the 6+ inches of heavy wet stuff we got Saturday night/Sunday morning. Today, the last one of March, it got up into the forties! With sunshine! We have pictures of the snow, but to tell the truth we've seen enough of the damn stuff.

Over the last year there has been a stray/feral cat in our area. We might see it once every two or three weeks, and it ran every time it saw us. Well, after the holidays we started seeing it near our place more often.  Sue-Ryn kept Callieputting out food, and trying to set up places for it to get in out of the weather. By early March the cat had started coming to a feeding station out behind the rehab shed. Sometimes she'd see the cat, but mostly not--at least at first. By later March she would let herself be seen, but still stayed 30 feet away. Then about 10 days ago durng the feeding ritual the cat came up to her. She took a chance and tried to pick her up.

The cat went nuts, but in a good way, nuzzling and head-butting and purring like crazy.  So for the next couple Loveydays she'd feed the cat, and get in some pet time. Next she started bringing the cat, which she called Callie, in for the night to stay on our garage. Then last week we took her to the vet to be fixed and get shots. The stitches come out Wednesday. Note the shot of her in the middle. That's not Sue-Ryn's finger; Callie is missing half her tail, with that naked nub sticking out. This is one tough little cat; she survived a pretty nasty winter.

We don't know if she will stay with us, or get adopted. red head duck releaseThe cat we adopted earlier this winter, Lovey, and Callie would have to get along, and we'd have to be sure she wasn't going to become a menace to wildlife the way Mr. Monkeypants had been. If we can't keep her, it shouldn't be hard to find a home for her, she's so sweet and affectionate.

We still have two opossums, and for the last couple weeks have had two red head ducks that came from Erie county. The rehab there was overwhelmed with ducks and grebes that could not find open water, many of them badly starved. Several rehabbers took some; we got the two ducks and a scaup that did not make it. The ducks had to be bathed a couple times a day to get them waterproof again. We were able to release them this morning. You can see one on the right, the disturbed water on the left was from the other one taking off into the air far faster than we expected.

In case you missed the story, here's how we got Miss Lovey. We had been dithering about getting another cat, but were pretty particular about what would work for us. We wanted an older cat, preferably female, one that would mostly be an inside cat. Because of our wildlife rehab, we just could not have another Terminator cat like Monkeypants.

We thought we had one, but at the last moment, just before we headed to the shelter in Watertown, we learned that she had already been taken.  We were bummed.

Naked HunchThat night we went online and checked out the St. Lawrence County shelter in Ogdensburg. There we saw three cats that looked interesting. So the next day we made the trip, and came home with Lovey. She's a bit over 8 years old, a bit tubby, and judging by her name and behavior, was probably some older woman's cat. She loves our big house, adores Sue-Ryn, is learning to trust Chloe, and is blown away by the birds coming to our feeders. As you can see from the pictures above, she's learning how to judge catnip Mousies, Mats, and Mr. Sardini Snakes.

The Troll, aka Mr. Hillwoman, has a new Kindle eBook novel available for your reading at Amazon. Like the cover says, it's death and danger at a Renaissance Faire--and a nudist camp, investigated by one of the oddest law officers to ever pin on a badge, the one and only Sheriff Abe Van Wynk. It's funny, fairly mysterious, and only $2.99! Available soon is a Kindle edition of his novel Call From A Distant Shore

 Bay House Artisans, the co-op store Sue-Ryn and some friends opened last year will be re-opening in May, stay tuned for a solid date and time.

Show season starting soon. The next two shows  Sue-Ryn will be at:
Syracuse Psychic Fair, February 15 & 16, Holiday Inn, Liverpool NY--that one was missed because of the flu. Sorry if we missed you!
Canastota Psychic Fair, April 5 & 6,  Greystone, Canastota NY
Just added! Shoppingtown Psychic Fair, April 26 & 27, Dewitt

Mail order remains steady, and we'll once again mention here something you will find elsewhere on the site, and as a sticker on order forms. There is now a limit of 5 bundles per scent on incense orders. We have some real fans out there, and that's great, but every so often we get orders so crazy big it wipes our entire stock all at once, and makes it so no one else can get any. Our incense is made by hand in small batches, and can take well over a week to cure enough to be salable or shippable. You can still order 5 bundles each of your favorites, and we hope you do. But orders of 10 and 20 or more bundles of one scent had to stop before we went nuts.

Longtime Hill Woman friends and customers know that Sue-Ryn's husband, the Computer & Incense Troll, is a writer with two novels and dozens of short stories to his credit. Now he has begun putting out some of his unpublished novels as Kindle ebooks.

First out is the bent fantasy novel Festivael. Want to know more? Click on the cover or the earlier link. It is available from Amazon for $2.99.

Also now available at Amazon for a measly $2.99 is another Stephen L. Burns Kindle e-book, the rollicking, satirical SF novel Zero Day Baby.
Blood and Bread
A third novel just came out, a novel of Amazon resurgence titled Blood and Bread.
A most unlikely woman becomes the first Amazon warrior in over 2000 years--and ends up in the middle of a war with the men who wiped out the Amazons the last time around.

A brief aside: we love the US Post Office and depend on the mail. We ship our orders via mail, get many orders via mail, and even some of Hill Zero Day BabyWoman's suppliers send what has been ordered via mail. We pay our bills via mail, We have been through periods--once three weeks long--when there was no power and sporadic phone, but dammit we got mail long before any of that came back.  The mail system was created when this country was created, and attempts to kill it off or 'privatize' it are ill-considered, short-sighted, and just plain evil. So below are a couple links to Post Office saving sites, and one to an op-ed piece by Bernie Sanders, one of the more vocal and tireless defenders of the USPS.

A note for those herbal tea lovers out there! We discovered a lost stash of copies of 'Herbal Teas-101 Nourishing Blends' by Kathleen Brown and Jeanine Pollak. $14.00 a copy plus $1 S&H if ordered alone, or make it part of your order and regular S&H charges will apply. Supplies are limited!

Sue-Ryn's upcoming shows are below; click here for the full listing.

Book coverSue-Ryn's book is here! It has over 30 recipes for cooking, tea-sipping and bathing blends, from Apple Spices and Baba Yaga's Tea, to Vapor Bath and Venison Blend.
For more about the book, along with pricing,  check the page about it.

From Time to time I have needed an Animal Communicator. I first met Sally Gewinner at a small event in Fulton. At that time our old kitty Belle was showing some odd behaviors. Sally helped confirm my suspicions and figure out ways to help deal with belle's transition.         Since then I have called upon Sally for help with domestic pets and Wildlife too. Her gentle healing wisdom has always proved supportive of the animals in our care.         Sally still works full time as a teacher, but you can often find her at weekend psychic and holistic fairs in the central NY region. You can find her on line at http://www.energy-light.com or call her at 315.458.2430 if you need faster help or an appointment.                 

And now available, Kitty Magic Carpets in extra heavy-duty fabric--what we call the 'Sherman the Shredder' edition.  Want to check them out? Go to the Catnip Goodies Page There are also some new pictures of cats with their Party Animals  and Mr. Sardini Snakes on the Party Animals page.

Worth visiting is the Pets Page, a listing of tips and resources and books and links for the owner of animals  of every stripe, including information on fostering animals for people in the service.
If you are looking for a pet, be it a dog or cat or whatever, you will find a link on that page to http://www.petfinder.org
a place that can be  a world of help. That's how we found our Chloe.
Give an animal in need a home! 
What we really want is help making the page (pages, actually) even more useful. Got useful info? Regular mail it to us or email it to troll@hillwoman.com for possible inclusion.

Some more of the Troll's fiction is now available as downloadable versions
(for a modest price) online at Fictionwise. For more info, visit the Stephen L. Burns page.

A personal note from Sue-Ryn:
I frequently joke with customers, saying,  "Accept no substitutes," when asked if I am the Hill Womanwho has been around and selling herbs and scents for over two decades. Last summer a few people asked if I knew a few different people who claimed to be 'apprentices' or 'students' of mine.
While I know I have inspired and empowered many along their own herbal and spiritual paths, I have no apprentices, students (or acolytes, or subjugated minions, for that matter).
Anyone who claims to a student or apprentice is not being completely honest with you.

Feeling a bit isolated? Having a hard time finding things to help feed your spiritual side?
Desperately Seeking Serenity is a page listing some sources for books, music and more.
Check it out for a listing of catalogs and newsletters. Got suggestions for listings? Drop
us a line and let us know, please. Knowledge is best when it's shared.

As always, I'm grateful to the many folks who help keep Hill Woman grounded and growing;
the family and friends, the helpers both hired and volunteer.
I count such fine companions and co-conspirators as treasure.
Special thanks are due to each and every one of you who visits this site or reads my
brochure and accords me the honor and pleasure of serving you. Your encouragement,
kindness, and continuing support mean more to me than you will ever know.  And to
those who've visited, used, and  complimented this site, the Computer & Incense Troll
thanks you from the rubbly bottom of his black little heart.



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