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Bad news--good news.   Longtime Hill Woman customers will notice that the price on several things have been raised. There really wasn't any choice; it was raise prices or go out of business. Herb and oil prices have gone through the roof--and keep rising--as have the costs of packaging, bottles, the shipping I pay to get and to mail stuff, the cost to maintain an 800 number, and to process credit cards. Hill Woman was not started as a means to get rich, and is not run that way now; I'm trying to make a living, not a killing. These revised prices reflect a desire to offer quality goods at a reasonable price--and still be around next year, and the year after.
But it's not all bad news. In light of the price changes that have been made, I want to try to ease the blow a bit by offering free shipping on all orders over $30.00 until Solstice, December 21--an offer I also make in the wintry depths of February.  Sue-Ryn

Doggy Distress Pillow

ZendyMy Doggy Distress Pillows are something special for our canine friends and companions.  They are soothing Red Clover pillows to help lessen trauma and help canines relax. I made the first one to help a small dog who had suffered a traumatic attack by a wolf hybrid.

Since then they have helped old and dying dogs, scared and nervous dogs, and a few 'wild relatives' along their healing journeys. One young grey fox in rehab sat on his for a week, and then shredded it. His next one was made of sturdier fabric.

The picture above is of Zendy with his head down on his little blue Doggy Distress Pillow, having a quiet, reflective moment.

Each Doggy Distress Pillow measures about 6" by 7", and they cost $8.00 each.
If you think your pup is a real toughie, you can get the Deeply Distressed Edition for $10.00

Can't get something for the dog with out placating the cat? Visit the
Catnip Toys Page!

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